Why custom lettering?
As a designer, most of my career has involved working with technology to bring ideas to life. A few years ago, I wanted to bring a more illustrative style to my work and felt the desire to pick up a pencil again, instead of the mouse. This led to a genuine passion for practicing traditional hand lettering and brush script. Gradually, alongside my digital design work, I was able to develop and apply my new skills to a range of projects. However, it is now the process of combining both old and new techniques, that enables me to provide a unique service to help clients really make an impression. 
An increasing number of businesses are turning to hand lettering for a strong brand identity, in keeping with an ethos of care and craft. Tough Mary's Bakehouse and wedding photographer Christopher Terry are good examples, where bespoke logos incorporating hand lettering, were able to reflect their products and values.
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lettering, the process
The short time-lapse video below illustrates my process that begins with a pencil, brush pen and paper for the handmade finish, before using digital pen tools to refine style and layout.
Please contact me if you are interested in finding out more about lettering for you project.
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